Owl Be Watching You

For the past three weeks we have been excitingly observing a new visitor at Hurley House Knysna. Sleeping during the day this creature was not lazy but rather napping after a night’s exhausting activities. Yes, we talking about our latest visitor, a Spotted-Eagle Owl  (Bubo capensis)“Bubo” as we have aptly named him has three different spots (we have counted thus far) which he sleeps in at random around Hurley House. 

How do we know it’s a he? Well, The calls are generally the male calls with two hoots: “Hooo hooopoooo” and the female answers with three, : “Hooo hoo hooo”. He has been calling his “girlfriend” around sun set and sometimes she answers, sometimes she doesn’t…

Intrestingly these stunning predators form life-long pair bonds. 

The presence of Bubo reaffirms our No Poison Policy on the property as this beautiful predator naturally keeps rodent populations under control. Probably why I have never seen a mouse at Hurley House.

We welcome Bubo and Babe (as we have named the female)are most welcome at Hurley House Knysna and maybe you will be lucky enough to pot them when staying at Hurley House. In the meantime for more information on Spotted Eagle Owls you can visit: